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Dalmau's electrical boat proves your rentability in Barcelona


Dalmau's electrical boat proves your rentability in Barcelona

On May 31th, our ecological catamaran ECO SLIM started working in Barcelona operated for  Barcelona Naval Tours, from this day our electrical boat with capacity for 150 passengers has worked 11 hours at day, all days of the week. During this working time, this boat has surprised his owners for your low operation cost, 70 euros at day between electricity and diesel.

His operators say's "... the innovation initiative from Dalmau Shipyards has been a success because has not only built a reliable electrical boat. His low operation cost and his reasonable purchase cost, makes more feasible his amortization compared with a diesel engine boat..."

Knowing these results, the ECO SLIM catamarans are presented as interesting product to shipping companies for these reasons:

·         Viability and Profitability.

·         Improving the environmental image of the company

·         Differentation from the competence.

·         Improved reliability and flexibility of the product

·         High adaptability to specific needs of the operator.