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New high-speed passenger boat FAST 440 DALMAU


New high-speed passenger boat FAST 440 DALMAU

Following requests from the market, Dalmau Shipyard has created a new model of high-speed tourist boat designed to maximize trading profits.

The new DALMAU FAST 440 has capacity for 50 passengers and is available with different engines, is capable of speeds up to 40 knots. This is a stable planing hull of 13.34 m in length,  manufactured with high performance materials .

The new boat inherits manufacturing techniques and structural design developed by our R & D on the SLIM series, with our technology we get reduce displacement and consequently reduce fuel consumption .

The result is a practical and fast passenger boat, with minimum maintenance costs . Our design team has had special work for to the boat can be transported by road, this form the shipping company can store the boat onshore when the season ends. Consequently can reduces the mooring costs, the antifouling consumption and facilitates inspection tasks .

The new model is presented as a efficient and cost effective option, responding to the demands of our customers for tourist sector. The objective of  FAST 440 is that our customers can increase the competitiveness of their companies without compromising a modern design with personality,  clearly different from other passenger boats.